Are press releases worth it anymore?

Are press releases worth it anymore?

While your social media efforts in digital public relations efforts are certainly valuable, there is still a place for a well-worded press release.

Are press releases still useful?

In this age of digital media where most news is gathered from the internet, it would be easy to assume that getting your company’s news out through social media is enough—but news distributed solely on social media may not be getting the attention it deserves.

This is one of those situations where it isn’t one or the other. Depending on the business, with advertising, I do often steer clients to digital. But for local services, the local newspaper still has its place, for advertising and news. For many companies, social media channels may not be enough to deliver important messages to the right audiences. A press release not only validates online content, but it can also serve other purposes that a brief social media post cannot.

At one time a press release was the main tool of business communications. The press release was distributed by a paid newswire service and coverage could be reasonably expected, at least within the appropriate trade media circles. Today, however, some companies may not even consider a press release when distributing a corporate announcement. The same holds true for small businesses and local news. Reopenings, events, BIG new hires, exciting community relations. If you only let it sit on social, you could be missing out.

A press release that is properly crafted and appropriately distributed on both social and in print can support your business’ news and views in a credible and targeted way that reaches a less socially savvy audience with messages that matter to them.

If done correctly, a press release can:

  • Provide strategic context for your events or news that can facilitate conversations between your company and its customers.

  • Provide content to bring visitors to your website to find out more about your company and products.

  • Serve as a tool to update your clients, prospects, and industry peers on your company and its momentum in the space.

Most local newspapers will print press releases at no charge as space allows. This means if your event it next week, it is probably too late to get it in the paper as a lead-up, but consider waiting and crafting a press release discussing the success of the event instead.

Press releases are usually sent to the editorial or news department. If you do not have connections already established, the contact information for these submissions is typically on their websites.

If you need help crafting a press release for your business or getting your press release in the right hands, give Touvus a call! We can help you put your best foot forward with professional writers with national publications to their credit.

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