How to curate reviews for your business

As a consumer myself I tend to subconsciously make judgments on various businesses on a number of different factors. One major factor that many people rely on is reviews from other customers. Encouraging customers to give feedback can seem like a daunting task but here are some steps to getting positive reviews for your business.

It's like they say, your customers are your best advocates. This is true for a number of reasons but first- why are reviews so important in the buying process anyways?

The first thing to look at is one who you are targeting and two what factors are they using to form opinions on your brand or company. While millennials (Born 1981-1996) are not every company's target demographic, we are going to focus on this range because as they age- they will start to gain more wealth and thus have the purchasing power. Additionally, trends of generation z ( born between 1997-2005 ) follow similar trends of that of their older counterparts.

We know from data and trends that reviews are a beneficial source of information- in the eyes of consumers today. Using this can increase the possibility of gaining new loyal customers.

Today, 88% of consumers as a whole trust reviews when it comes to evaluation and making purchases.

Perks of encouraging reviews on Google:

  • The more positive reviews, the more likely consumers are to trust the brand.

  • It acts as free advertising. It is free for both someone to review as well as reply to the review.

  • When a company has better reviews Google then will rank that company over their competitors to give customers the best options available. Consistent and positive reviews are used to rank businesses as part of their SEO or search engine optimization.

This is a factor many companies should consider capitalizing on in order to gain customer approval as well as utilizing the Google business SEO features.

How to get more reviews for your business

This is what we have all been waiting for. We now understand why reviews can boost your overall business or encourage buyers in the decision-making process to purchase but there are a couple of tricks to implement.

Although there is a multitude of ways for businesses to intice customers to put their say in but the most obvious and effective way is to simply ask. While it may seem too easy this is often the reason companies do not have reviews. Their customers simply just don't think to.

Ways to ask for a review:

  • Create cards with the ask on it. After each service or purchase, mention leaving a review and include it in the card.

  • Create a social media post to encourage customers to leave reviews.

  • Follow-up emails. This is a perfect way to follow up with customers after an interaction. Even if they do not write a review, staying on the buyer's mind is important for repeat customers.

  • Offer a discount on services if customers leave a review. This is a great incentive for customers to not only review your business but also encourage them to shop with you again in the future.

  • Routine feedback emails. Ask customers to fill out a monthly feedback form. Then at the end ask if they would like to leave a Google Review.

Other touches that can create an environment for someone to feel inclined to take that step is to personalize your ask. Calling people by name, continuing conversation after, and being natural will increase your chances.

You also want to make it easy for customers to review. Including a direct link can help subside any distractions the buyer may encounter when reviewing.

Additionally, you could implement a program to incentivize the review. Some ways of this may be a discount for all reviews made online. Maybe a “free” gift such as a branded hand sanitizer bottle, coozie, or even something personalized to your line of business.

Take away

In general, good reviews are beneficial for any company. Creating an open environment of asking encourages this behavior.

While reviews are not necessary for a business's success- they do help encourage other buyers to work with you as well. Getting good reviews can increase the potential of your company.

Now that you have gained an understanding of why and how to start getting reviews it is time to increase your ratings!

Still unsure on how to increase business through reviews? Touvus specializes in social media management to not only showcase your business but also encourage this. Contact us today to gain positive feedback through Google reviews.

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