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Outsourcing for your business

A guide on when and why it could be beneficial for you

When it comes to owning or running a business tough decisions may have to be made. One that you may encounter is when and who to outsource work to. While some jobs are just better done yourself, there are times when you save time, money, and resources by choosing this option.

Outsourcing or working with outside firms is when a company chooses to outsource a particular part of their business in order to achieve a more efficient workplace. Various types of outsourcing include accounting, marketing, cleaning services, HR, IT professionals, and even security.

Why should you choose to outsource certain tasks within your business?

There are various reasons why you choose to outsource, however, the overarching reasons should be to maximize efficiency within your business.

  1. Keeps operation cost to a minimal

  2. Allows tedious details in business to be taken care of while you focus on your work

  3. Fewer company resources utilized

  4. Less risk

Combined, these allow your business to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Outsourcing can be a vital piece to growing your business

When you should hire an outside firm?

While there are various benefits to hiring someone to take care of tasks within your business, taking advantage of these at the right time is key. Below are a couple of situations that may be indicators it is time to look for external help:

The most used reason as to why outsourcing is so prevalent is because it lowers costs.

When your business is looking to lower-cost one way to do this is to find a firm or company that can do specific task. Often this is more effective because you are not paying nearly as much as you would have to pay for an employee. Aside from salary, the cost of time off, training, as well as any other benefits your company provides are no longer on the business. This could be better allocated to a monthly fee while still taking care of the tasks.

Growth in a business can also create a need for your business to refocus on the specific task of your line of business. Other responsibilities such as accounting or staying consistent with social media posts may not be a priority as you scale your business up. However, we understand and know that these components are not always something that you can just ignore to continue to have a successful company.

While growth can happen fast, it is not always realistic to hire someone and take the time to train them. When an easier way would be to outsource these tasks to another firm.

Besides cost-effectiveness and time management, there is alternative reasoning why outsourcing can be effective. Brainstorming or focusing on new business ventures and developments within your company are reasoning to step back and allow a third party to handle routine tasks.

This is not always a priority of many businesses but the outcome can be leaps and bounds for you. Whether it is during your busy season and you need to focus on supply chain management or just simply working on your craft- outsourcing gives you the opportunity to take your mind off of daunting tasks that consume the day and allow you to become creative and refocus.

Similarly, you may just need more time to work on your daily tasks. It is not always that you need new ideas but rather just time to act on the ideas you have already cultivated.

Overall, from a business perspective, outsourcing work is beneficial in many ways. It gives workers time to evolve in their business by creating more time to collaborate and brainstorm. It opens the opportunity for growth to continue and it is a cost-saving measure.

Who should you work with?

While looking into third-party contractors may be a smart move, it is important to consider the quality of the work being done.

It is only beneficial if you're not going to have to get someone to come behind and clean up what they did.

In order to ensure they are the best bang for your buck while being effective for the work they do, there are a couple of things to do first. The first step would be to evaluate reviews and past work to determine what the consensus says about them.

Looking at their past jobs gives you an idea of what to expect and the quality of what they do. From this, I would then compare multiple companies based on the work they have once done. Comparing will allow you to find the style of work you like best.

The other piece would be to compare prices. Some questions you should ask yourself before handing off a piece of your business to someone else to do is:

  1. What are my risks?

  2. Do my risks outweigh the outcomes?

  3. What is the cost of using them versus hiring someone to do?

  4. How quickly can they start?

  5. What is the cost-benefit analysis?

These questions are all part of the decision-making process to ensure you have picked the right person.

When to hire an outside media partner

When it comes to hiring a media or marketing partner there are some more specific questions that could be asked to give a better picture of how they will fit with your company.

The first question I would ask would be how many clients do you have and how many employees? While many larger companies could take a large volume, smaller ones may not have the resources to do this. This question helps answer whether they will be able to commit to you and your company based on your needs.

Along with this, I would also look at their work. Asking who are some of the clients they represent and how have they grown. While this is not the single factor to evaluate, they are representing your company. If their style or vibe does not fit that of the culture then it is probably not best to work with them,

Or so you would think.

Lastly, the company or agency needs to offer the services that you are looking for. Seems obvious, however, if you are looking for a better online presence, an advertising agency is not going to be your best bet. While you may gain some short-term promotion initially, this is not the most consistent means of promoting your company in the best light.

These are only some of the questions and thoughts you should be thinking about when considering hiring a marketing firm to do some work for you.

How we can help

Touvus Digital Creative focuses on creating for and managing your social media, marketing, and advertising needs. We use market research to be able to find results for your business. As a full-time marketing company, we devote all of our time to our clients so they can get back to their businesses. If you are interested in a partnership with Touvus you can contact us at www.touvus.com

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